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RacoonSoft is a group of creative minds whom craving for luxury enjoyment and fun.

Our goal is to become a friend to people all over the world presenting happiness through our games.

Cute and adorable looking Racoon is our friendly mascot Racooni, who is acting as a connection between game users and RacoonSoft.

Come and join the Exciting play of RacoonSoft!
Genre : Casual/Slice

Engine : Unity

Platform : iOS & Android


Racoon Slice is a game slicing donuts in the air together with our friendly Mascot Racooni and friends.

With the perfect control sensitivity of smart devices, we have maximized the fun element of Slice game genre.

As our first project, it has started its service at Dec.2012. The game can be played by all users through Kakao games.
Genre : Social Network Game

Engine : Unity

Platform : iOS & Android


“What do you fantasize when you can go back to school?”

My School is a school based SNG which motive is school fantasy where users can experience various episodes happening in school.

Polite friends, smart school president, cute friends, or a crush on a boy student.

You can also meet your old friends from our game. Enjoy various tournaments and study group which you hated in the past.

Become a member of a club and participate in sports activity and other wonderful activities with your new friends.

No more farming, café constructions! Come and enjoy My School and become a dreamer!
Genre : Action RPG

Engine : Unity

Platform : Android


Dynasty Warriors style 1 VS All battle system reborn through Mobile!
Various modes will lead to infinite enjoyment
  • - Fulfilling pleasure of 1 VS all battle! Adventure mode
  • - Defeating endless enemies! Endless battle
  • - No friends or Enemies!Team battle
  • - Experience the great battle of The Three Kingdoms! Raid

Create my own Three Kingdom hero character!
Genre : Action RPG

Engine : Unity

Platform : iOS & Android


RacoonSoft has started D-Cross an Action RPG game to create the world’s highest quality game which will be impossible to be experienced in other mobile games.

D-Cross is an Action RPG game which will have high quality graphic and Action similar to PC games. The game provides real time online multi play through wireless internet which will overcome fun and impression of PC online RPG games.

With simple touch based system D-Cross will present high action with advanced mobile UI which will bring out the upmost excitement of Action game.

We wish to create Multi play through wireless internet, which will overcome fun and impression of PC Online RPG games.

With simple touch based system <D-CROSS> will present highest action with advanced mobile UI which will bring out future enjoyment which has been never seen before.

Genre : Puzzle

Engine : Unity

Platform : iOS & Android


Puzzle Pooh is a puzzle game for all ages. The game is very simple to play.

You will experience awesome combos during game play.

The game is based on Winnie the Pooh, which is a character know all around the world.

Come and join Pooh and friends for an exciting adventure!

▶How to contact us

E-mail : business@racoonsoft.co.kr

H Tower 8F. 890-36 Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea